How Long will This Extended Bull Market Run Last?

extended bull market

The current bull market run began in March of 2009. At that time in the United States we were just beginning to clean up the mess left behind by the financial crisis created by irresponsible lending and borrowing by banks and other institutions.

This extended bull market is now beginning its 13th year, which is a modern record. Will superstitions prove true with the unlucky number “13” being the year it all comes crashing down? You’ll have to be the judge.

Labeling a bull-market as overextended would, of course, be a judgement call for each person to decide for themselves.

IMS Income has been able to outperform the stock market on an overall basis, but a conservative investment is not at its best during a bull run. IMS is specifically designed to compete over economic cycles as illustrated by the following chart.


The IMS Income program’s strongest appeal is to those investors who have experienced tumultuous times in the market previously, or those who simply have difficulty enduring bear markets. We understand that it’s not easy to remain invested during market downturns, many folks “move to cash” or leave the market altogether.

There’s a different way.

Investing in a defensively-positioned portfolio during times of extreme volatility can be beneficial. Using artificial intelligence, an IMS Income account is uniquely positioned to mitigate many of the risks inherent to the stock market.

It is well known that irrational exuberance tends to occur from time to time, even for the most disciplined of investors. It can be telling when the financial press begins to write about near record price to earnings ratios in the headlines. Could these be similar indicators to past bear markets? We’ll let you decide.

Maybe this time around “trees will grow to the sky”. However, if the past is any indication of things to come, then perhaps not?

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