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Account Flexibility

A hypothetical history of the Anderson accounts held at Equity Trust Company (ETC), custodian.

"Steve and Mary"

Steve and Mary are retired and value conservation of capital.

This hypothetical history of the four Anderson accounts, totaling $450,000, illustrates the flexibility and benefits of working with IMS as investment advisor, and with ETC as custodian.

IMS Income (701)

Investment of $275,000

Mary started her journey w/ IMS from a quick “like” on our Facebook advertisement. She was curious about the IMS Income charts and wanted more information.

She asked her husband Steve to review our website and they ended up sending an e-mail inquiry.

Ultimately, Steve and Mary do decide to transfer their existing investments to IMS Income. The risk of IMS Income may be a little higher, but the performance has been more than double that of their CDs.

They are impressed that the 22-year history has 9 years of gains that were over 10%, and they like that IMS Income is fully liquid.

An associate of IMS helps the Andersons establish the ETC custodial account ending 701.

IMS Growth (702)

Investment of $75,000

Five of the twelve mutual funds Steve and Mary own in a TD Ameritrade Account have a growth objective.

They contact IMS again and Robert, an IMS associate, answers their questions about the defensive nature of IMS Growth.

They also like that IMS Growth, a managed portfolio of growth mutual funds, is similar to what they already have.

Steve and Mary make the change with the hope of lowering their risk and reducing the impact of future bear markets.

Robert asks Jamie to create a second ETC account.  She requests that ETC duplicate account 701, and account 702 is created without any paperwork.

$75,000 is transferred into the new account 702 by December 2018.

Self Managed (703)

Investment of $60,000

Mary would like to simplify her bookkeeping and asks husband Steve to explore changing their more conservative mutual funds, still with TD Ameritrade, to an ETC account.

Steve again talks with Robert of IMS, and Robert helps the Andersons transfer the remainder of their mutual funds to ETC, where another duplicate account number ending 703 is created.

The new self-managed account has no IMS Management fees, but it is included with the two managed accounts on the Anderson’s quarterly ETC statements.

Self Managed (704)

Investment of $40,000     

During an account review Robert learns that the Andersons inherited a portfolio of stocks years ago held in a Fidelity account.

Robert can’t help but smile when he learns that Steve rarely executes trades, making it a great candidate for a brokerage account with ETC.

The Andersons realize this simplifies their record keeping even more.  At their request, Robert helps the Andersons create an ETC brokerage account and an account ending 704 is established.

IMS charges no management fee to the 704 account, and provided their trades are kept to a preset minimum, IMS even reimburses the Andersons for any ETC brokerage fees.

The Four Anderson Accounts

Enjoying the Earnings

The Andersons have selected the ON DEMAND feature for each account.  This enables them to request electronic transfers to their checking account from any of the four accounts without paperwork.

During February of 2020 they establish a monthly transfer of $1,100 per month from the IMS Income account ending 701 to supplement their retirement income.

That winter, the Andersons e-mail IMS requesting a one-time transfer of $6,000 to expand and modernize their covered patio.

All four ETC accounts are detailed on quarterly statements produced by the Orion platform, an advanced back-office system that services over twenty-one hundred investment advisory firms.

Account Flexibility

Equity Trust Company

The IMS Income performance history suggests that it should be the conservative investment of choice for nearly all investors, but it’s especially suited for the risk-averse.  Through March 31, 2021 the Average Annual Gain record is as follows:  3 yrs  7.4% AAG; 5 yrs  6.8% AAG; 10 yrs  5.6% AAG; 15 yrs  8.2% AAG and 20 yrs  8.4% AAG.

Most fully liquid conservative investments have experienced less than half the gains that the IMS Income program has achieved.

The Account Flexibility Table below has been established to encourage the transfer of conservative assets to an IMS Income account.

ETC Account Description Fee Deduction Permitted Activity Included on Qtly Statement Transfers to Checking Acct. Allowed
IMS Income
IMS Growth
Client Custodial No Fee
Client IRA No Fee
Client Brokerage No Fee