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IMS Income performance is an example of successful risk mitigation.

IMS Income performance is an example of successful risk mitigation.

Mitigating risk can be a difficult prospect for many financial advisors. Common wisdom provides us with the notion that the higher the expected return, the more risk you must be willing to accept. If that is true, then why is there not greater risk with IMS Income?

What makes IMS Income different from traditional conservative investments?

The answer lies in the way IMS Income clients are invested. By utilizing a portfolio of high-yield bond mutual funds that alternate with cash reserves, our automated technologies help us determine the course of action depending on recent market conditions.

Many forms of artificial intelligence (AI) leave much to be desired when applied to the stock market, simply because the volatility is too erratic for them to be effective – but this methodology (AI) works quite well when applied to the high-yield bond market

The success of the IMS Income program correlates directly to the volatility characteristics of high-yield bonds. It is this key difference in volatility that has allowed IMS to defensively manage risk for our clients since 1997 when the first IMS account was created.

The blue performance line represents the 23-year record of an IMS Income account. We’ve compared the S&P 500 Stock Market Index and Three-Year Jumbo Certificates of Deposit to IMS Income – which are represented by the red & purple lines on the chart.

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