John Krehbiel has been working in the financial industry since 1980 and established IMS in 1993.  Jamie Low, John’s niece, joined IMS in 2002 and manages the firm together with John.  Paul Bachman, Jamie’s nephew, recently joined IMS in 2021.

Meet the family that has managed the IMS Income program since 1997.

What We Offer

IMS Income

IMS Income is our signature investment program.

We offer IMS Income as a performance enchancement for conservative portfolios.

We offer IMS Income as the conservative portion of IRA investments.

IMS Investment Logic

IMS Income is our high-yield investment strategy that has a minimal level of risk.

IMS Five Funds is our equity investment strategy that has a stock market level of risk.

IMS clients manage suitability for their individual circumstances by the proportion they invest in IMS Income or in IMS Five Funds. Our older investors often select 100% IMS Income.

IMS Income is an actively managed high-yield mutual fund program that has performed as well as the stock market over the past 25 years.

IMS Five Funds is a less actively managed equity mutual fund program that synchronizes each fund to closely parallel the following objectives:

15% NASDAQ/OTC Indices

40% S&P 500 Index

15% Mid-Cap Growth

15% Dividend Growth

15% Growth and Income

The actively managed IMS Income fee is 1.2% per year, and the less actively managed IMS Five Funds fee is 0.4% per year

Although high-yield mutual funds have substantial market risk, they generate internal dividend returns that range between 5% and 8%.  The periods IMS Income owns the defensive money market position, rather than the high-yield position, has had the effect of adding capital gains to the generous high-yield returns. 

Our charts illustrate the IMS Income defensive periods have increased total performance to a level well above that of an unmanaged investment in the high-yield markets.  Yield Plus.

How We Work

CPA Lunches and Nearby Coffee Shops

Lunches with CPAs

A Nearby Coffee Shop

CPAs support the effective wealth management of their client’s resources.

IMS regularly invites CPAs to lunch to encourage their support of consistent IRA contributions.


Meet Paul or John at a local coffee shop, or around your dining table, to discuss:

– Conservative investing

– A Contributory IRA

Preferred Accounts

IMS Income and IMS Five Funds are offered to the following types of account:


  1. IRA accounts that currently have a minimum of $100,000 invested in low-risk and moderate risk assets.
  2. 401(k) and similar accounts that have become eligible for rollover to an IRA. The $100,000 minimum in low-risk and moderate risk assets applies.
  3. Taxable accounts for investors in low tax brackets who currently have a minimum of $100,000 invested in low-risk and moderate risk assets.
  4. Where suitable, highly risk-adverse investors who have a minimum of $100,000.
  5. Simple IRA accounts established by employers that offer employees to select their custodial financial institution (5304-SIMPLE). The minimum individual account size for all IRAs, whether an individual IRA or a Simple IRA, is $10,000 plus an agreed monthly contribution to take advantage of dollar cost averaging.

IMS Income and IMS Five Funds are offered to replace investment portfolios that contain a combination of assets classified as low risk, moderate risk, or stock market risk.

IMS Income is designed to replace low risk and moderate risk portfolio assets.

IMS Five Funds is designed to replace stock market risk portfolio assets as represented by the S&P 500 Stock Market Index.

The IMS programs are not a suitable replacement for high-risk portfolios of stocks, aggressive mutual funds and/or ETFs. However, highly aggressive assets can be self-managed, without a management fee, in a custodial account at Equity Trust Company, the preferred IMS custodian.

Helpful Content

Gain Comparisons

Average Annual Gains

1998 thru June 2022

IMS Income 8.0%
S&P 500 Stock Index (VFINX)7.7%
Short-Term Bond Index (VBISX) 3.2%

Account Minimums

The minimum to establish an IMS Income account is $100,000.​

​ The minimum to establish an IRA contributary account is $10,000 plus an automatic monthly contribution.

Client Testimonials

A few words from the clients we serve

Behind the Scenes at IMS

Financial Software

What we use
FastTrack is a mutual fund database that daily updates the prices and distributions of over 30,000 (open-ended) mutual funds.
Trade is FastTrack compatible software that supports the mutual fund price momentum algorithms developed by IMS.

Visit FastTrack at

Custodian and Platform

Who we work with
Equity Advisor Solutions (EAS) provides client account services for the custodian Equity Trust Company (ETC). ETC is partnered with the Orion Platform to execute trades, maintain investor account data, and generate tax and other reports.

Initial Account History

Historical Returns of the ​
IMS Income Initial Account
View a PDF of the historical returns of the IMS Initial Account invested in the IMS Income Program.
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Performance Comparisons

24+ Years December 31, 1997 - September 30, 2022

570.1%   IMS Income

223.0%   High-Yield

470.7%   S&P 500 Stock Index

IMS Income is the Initial IMS Income Account, High-Yield is the FastTrack all high-yield bond funds (recently 689) and the S&P 500 Stock Index is VFINX, the Vanguard S&P 500 500 Index Fund.

IMS Additional Information

John Krehbiel, semi-retired, has not actively marketed the IMS Income program over the past decade.  Jamie Low has managed the IMS Income investment algorithms under John’s supervision for over 17 years.  Recent total assets managed in the IMS Income program is $15 million.

With the addition of family member Paul Bachman, IMS will add $25 million of IMS Income asset capacity for older conservative investors and $40 million future capacity for smaller contributory IRAs.  Over the years the contributory IRA accounts will mature to about $40 million as the larger conservative accounts dissolve and pass to the next generation.  $40 million is estimated to be one-third of the estimated total capacity of the IMS Income program.

IMS suggests that CPAs refer IMS Income to older clients for the management of their conservative investments and to younger clients to encourage consistent contributions to their IRAs.

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