Risk Suitability

Risk of loss is associated with all investment strategies, including the IMS Income and IMS Growth strategies. The objective of the following discussion is to help investors assess the risk of the IMS strategies with respect to their personal circumstances.

IMS Income and IMS Growth have 24-year performance histories. Their lowest year performance may be useful for assessing the suitability of the programs.

IMS Income had a 2.4% loss in 2015.
IMS Growth had a 26.8% loss in 2008.

The lowest year performance of the stock market during this period as represented by the S&P 500 Stock Market Index was a 38.5% loss in 2008.

IMS Income invests in the bond market and IMS Growth invests in the stock market. Gains and losses will likely be less dramatic with IMS Income (bonds) than with IMS Growth (stocks).

You are welcome to let us know if there has been a significant change in any of the following during the past year: your income, total assets, employment, cash flow needs, or your investment time horizon.

Contact IMS should you wish to discuss a change in your investment position(s), whether to reduce your level of risk, increase your level of risk, or maintain your current level of risk.

Be aware that all investments are subject to catastrophic events, such as those associated with nature, geopolitical conflicts (including war), or a failure of the international financial system. The degree of loss would depend on the nature of the event but could be total—a loss of 100%.