John Krehbiel President & Founder

Areas of Expertise
  • Wealth Management
  • IRA Investments
  • Risk-Averse Strategies
  • 30+ Years in Financial Services
  • Equity Timing Consultants, Inc.
  • Krehbiel & Hubbard, Inc.
  • Interfund Management Services

“Anyone with $300,000 or more in retirement assets should include IMS Income in their portfolio.” ~ John Krehbiel

John Krehbiel’s career emphasis has been to reduce investor risk through tactical asset allocation programs applied to portfolios of mutual funds. He developed the basis for the current investment algorithms in 1977 at the wholly owned company Equity Timing Consultants. Equity Timing Consultants became Krehbiel & Hubbard in 1980 and grew to $400 million under management by 1990. 

Following retirement from Krehbiel & Hubbard, Mr. Krehbiel financed a property development business for three years. He obtained an exception to his non-compete with Washington Capital Management (the successor company to Krehbiel & Hubbard) in 1993 and formed Interfund Management Services. 

Recent marketing and management initiatives will allow the continuance of the IMS investment algorithms to benefit investors for decades to come.